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Quality Assurance – Premium Printer Services

7-Step Quality Assurance Process

Our failure rate is LESS THAN 1%


Quality Control Inspection #1: Initial evaluation for defects

  1. Thoroughly test all printers for any errors or potential print problems
  2. Firmware upgraded to latest manufacturer’s version
  3. Printer is stripped down to the chassis for further inspection of gears, rollers, swing arms, and other commonly worn parts
  4. Interior of printer is thoroughly cleaned
  5. Excess toner removed
  6. Evaluate Elements for the printer to determine what to replace or refurbish
  7. Replace worn fuser with a high-quality rebuilt fuser
  8. Replace high-wear parts such as gears and rollers

Quality Control Inspection #2

  1. Test fuser to ensure printing results are clean, and within manufacturer’s specifications
  2. Inspect and/or replace any cracked or broken plastics
  3. Replace or paint any plastics that have discolored over time
  4. Verify and test printer’s memory, connectivity ports
  5. Repair all known error codes
  6. Clear error codes from system
  7. Reset printer to original factory defaults

Quality Contol Check #3

  1. Test printer quality, again

Quality Control Check #4

  1. Test different tray functionality
  2. Adjust print registration/alignment on all trays

Quality Control Check #5

  1. Test different print modes: duplex, fax, scan, multiple pages, ADF, etc.

Quality Control Check #6

  1. Final Quality control testing-test pages to send out with printer
  2. Again, meticulously cleaned externally and internally

Quality Control Check #7: Final Inspection

  1. Thoroughly cleaned, inside and out one last time
  2. Reset all meters
  3. Test pages quality check and included with printer
  4. Serial numbers match
  5. All parts of printer completed and included
  6. Printer visually pleasing
  7. The printer is then professionally and carefully packed


PPS Quick Tips:

Organizations utilizing MPS on average spend 30% less on printing than organizations with no MPS program.


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