Are you searching for ways to win more MPS deals and make more money?


Advantages of PPS Remanufactured Over New

  1. By selling PPS Remanufactured Printers over new you can increase profits by 30-45%.

  2. Spend less time servicing machines in the field – we have the highest quality in the nation.

  3. Reduce cost-per-page (CPP) by as much as 70%.

  4. Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by as much as 80%.

  5. Premium Service – 82.7% of printers ship within one day! Never be left waiting, our printers are Made-To-Ship so we can serve faster than anyone else!

  6. Our remanufacturing process has been engineered to ensure consistent high-quality product. There is a reason we are the Leader In Quality, call us and take a look for yourself!

  7. We are family owned and operated and we treat our clients like family.

  8. Our team consists of engineers and technicians with over 13+ years experience in the printer remanufacturing industry.


Premium Printer Services is working with MPS dealers all over the country.  These MPS companies know that adding remanufactured printers to their offerings helps them win more deals and increase profits.

Find out how you can integrate PPS Remanufactured Printers into your MPS Programs.


- 1.62572127093 year ago

We will be launching our new website later this week! Keep a look-out and visit to see what Premium Printer Services can do for you!
h J R

- 1.71376144723 year ago

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we are giving our clients the option of #pink machines!
h J R
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